Two women walked into a store and zeroed in on this man, but they failed to consider one thing

There’s been a recent obsession with bringing an end to catcalling; it’s not something that’s always desired and without the ability to tell who would and would not appreciate it, it’s just safer not to. It’s an issue women have been dealing with for many, many years now, but not a lot of attention is brought to the reverse situation. Women aren’t the only ones who have issues with catcalling, many men end up dealing with it at one point or another as well, but it’s not always seen as bad like when it happens to women.


Take this incident from Washington D.C. for example, where two women team up together in an attempt to get the attention of one gentleman just trying to pay for his gas. It doesn’t matter whether the man is single or married, he walked in while talking on the phone when there two women start approaching him, one even going so far as to grind and twerk on his crotch. Obviously perturbed, the man continually refuses the women’s advances and just wants to get the f*** out of there, but things are never as easy as you want them to be.

Here’s the original:

Since this incident occurred one of the women has been caught and tried by Superior Court, sentenced to 6 months of probation after a guilty plea. This isn’t an issue that can be solved by making things one sided, equality doesn’t mean anything other than equal after all, so it’s a good sign that the woman at least faced charges for her actions the same as a man should. Do you think the punishment was too much? Too little?