This Smart Car totally smoked this Mustang off the line, and we still can’t believe it

Racing has always been a way for us to really push our cars to the limits they say they’re capable of in the commercials and even beyond them. Some people end up taking classics or even the strangest models and completely transforming them in a way that shocks those there to watch the spectacle. Take this little smart car for example, this monster has been tuned and fixed up and now it can even leave a mustang in the dust right out of the gate! This ’09 BBC 462CI Smart Car was redesigned and built up by Mark Cryer with the incredible tag line “NU BIG THING” printed on the car itself.

When the vehicles pull up to the starting line no one expects what happens next, all they know is a beautiful mustang is facing off against a tiny little smart car with some bigger wheels attached. There’s really no other defining characteristic to it until the green light is given and it blasts off like it was equipped with jet engines!

I’m just hoping that they end up taking those red and yellow toy cars and doing something like this with them. Could you imagine how fast you could get those things to go after seeing what a smart car can do?