This Is What Actually Goes Into McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

McDonalds suffers from a bit of a negative stigma in regards to what all ingredients their food is made of, and sometimes it can be hard to sift through the BS to find the real truth of the matter, but luckily someone else already did that for you. Thanks to the good folks from the Food and Drink channel we can now get an inside view of what all it takes to make one of the most iconic fast food delicacies of all time.

Despite popular belief there is nothing included in the chicken nugget that could ever even resemble some fake, pink meats. Nearly everything that goes into it comes directly from the chickens they cut up themselves, even part of the skin gets utilized for the delicious flavor it brings. Once the chicken is cut up its loosely ground so there’s still some chunks in the mixture, giving it that nice texture we all know and love.

Regardless of what they do to the beef or the fries or whatever other rumored problems they may have, those delectable chicken nuggets are still A-OK to eat whenever you want. Maybe next time they’ll think to do an episode on the beef, because after the rumors of fake meat and cardboard they could correct the record, but that’s only if it’s not true…