Teen’s Selfie Prank Catches Pedophile

People may be overly concerned with what others are into in the bedroom these days but there are still certain lines you should never cross as a human being. While those lines are different depending on who you talk to there’s something 99.99% of the population would agree with – kids are off-limits. Children are unique among us as they haven’t been completely burnt out by the tragedies of the world yet; they’re full of hope and excitement and love, yet there are still those out there who use that innocence for their own twisted sexual pleasures. I’m talking about pedophiles.

Eighteen-year-old Kirsty-Ann Barr is a young woman who was living with her boyfriend and another mutual friend named Nathan Kozel when she came across a true pedophile for the very first time, and it was someone she never would have imagined.


While having a fun night in, drinking together and just shooting the sh** when Nathan got a little too drunk and passed out in Barr’s room with her and her boyfriend. This wasn’t a big deal to any of them at the time, but Barr and her boyfriend wouldn’t miss an opportunity for a small-time prank. They grabbed his phone and opened it up to take a massive amount of selfies, but when they got to the photo section they saw images they never expected to see. In Barr’s own words:

“Nathan was drinking and he got quite drunk. He was sat in mine and my boyfriend’s room.

He got really drunk so we just thought for a laugh we would go and do selfies on his phone.

We opened the phone up and found these photos of children. I was just completely shocked. There were loads.

We got my boyfriend’s iPad and starting filming us scrolling through them in case he deleted them. It was disgusting.

There were images of young children posing and adults with them. It was just horrible.”

Barr and her boyfriend filmed themselves going through Nathan’s phone with the photographs on it just in case he attempted to delete them before police could gather the evidence and called the cops.


Nathan Kozel has made his appearance at the Hull Magistrates’ Court and received his punishment, one Barr herself isn’t happy with.

“I don’t think that’s fair for what he had on his phone at all. I think he should have got more than he did.

Seeing the images that I saw, I know how wrong and horrible they were.

Something should have happened more than just a fine.”

Nathan plead guilty to creating six different images featuring children as the main theme, among a few other charges, and ended up being fined £20 with a £60 surcharge, has to attend 30 days in a rehab facility and is now subject to a sexual harm prevention order. That’s it. The whole rehabilitation thing is a good idea, but this man CREATED child pornography so there’s no telling what else he’s done to those kids, does that really seem like a fair sentence here?