Teenagers Wreck Millionaire Daddy’s Luxury Yacht

Ever since the case of rich kid Ethan Couch where his lawyer used an ‘affluenza’ defense to explain his terrible behavior, the legal divide between the rich and the poor has become glaringly noticeable. There is some legitimate research which states rich kids are becoming increasingly more self destructive, but when inner city kids are facing jail/juvie time for the exact same or lesser crimes… therein lies the real problem.

One day, 18-year-old Lucas decided to invite four of his friends out for a trip through St. Tropez on his millionaire father’s luxury yacht. This probably wasn’t the first time an incident like this occurred, but it IS the first time he managed to wreck the boat! While speeding down the water the boy failed to notice the water he was riding down had become shallow and the boat hit the rocks. Luckily the kids all made it out with only some minor bruising, but the £1.2 million yacht will more than likely end up in the scrapyard over this.

I wonder what type of punishment the kid will receive for causing that much commotion, though it probably shouldn’t be much in the first place. Accidents happen and no one was seriously injured, plus what kid wouldn’t come up with that idea if they had the means?