Teen Makes Eye Contact With Girl’s Potential Kidnapper, Says ‘I See You,’ And A Miracle Rescue Happens.

Jocelyn Rojas was only 5-years-old when she was grabbed by a stranger in Grandma’s front yard. The man lured the little girl by offering ice cream, and when she got close to him he grabbed her neck and threw her into his car.

Meanwhile, Temar and Chris, who at the time were both 15, were hanging out with one another and then heard the news about a little girl who was kidnapped right in their own neighborhood. The pair got on their bikes and starting riding around their neighborhood to see if they could spot anything suspicious.

They weren’t alone. Over 100 first responders were casing the neighborhood in search of the girl as well. Streets were blocked off and dogs were used to try and find young Jocelyn. Temar and Chris saw that this area was fully being covered, so they broke off from the group, and decided to cover some ground off the beaten path.


That’s when the pair saw a maroon car, that appeared to be avoiding some of the roadblocks in the neighborhood. This set off a red flag for these two boys, so they decided to shadow the car, following it wherever it went.

They were persistent and kept up with car, to the point where they finally were able to get a closer look inside.

It was Temar that pulled up next to the driver. That red flag the pair had sensed earlier, was indeed for real. Temar picked up right away that something was not right. Looking at the man and noticing his demeanor, told Temar that this could be their man. This could likely be the kidnapper.

Temar then did something, the only thing he thought he could do. He locked eyes hard with the man. And then he said: “I see you.”

This action shocked the kidnapper to the core. So much so that he freaked out and pushed the kidnapped little girl out of the car, then sped away.

Here’s what Temar said happened next:

“She ran to my arms and said, ‘I need to see my mommy.’”


The man was arrested a day later thanks to the description the boys gave police. These two heroes certainly did save this little girls life. They were vigilant and persistent, knowing that something was not right with that maroon car.

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