Shocking Moment Snake Bites Glamour Model’s Fake Breast

People have had their kinks for years and years now; if you look on the Roman brothel coins you can get some evidence there but there’s probably some cave painting somewhere depicting it from caveman times as well. Nowadays it’s more common to be accepting of these kinks than it used to be when comparing to the Puritan times, so it’s a bit safer to explore them more. Take this glamour model shoot for instance, not too many people would get a kick out of a fake-breasted woman making out with a snake, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it, or filming it for that matter, and we’re incredibly lucky they did!

For some reason the model Orit Fox and the nearby handler couldn’t tell that the snake was getting a little distraught at being used as a sexual symbol until it ended up biting the model right on the boob. Luckily the handler managed to get the snake off and Miss Fox didn’t suffer any serious injuries, but even more thankfully the snake is alright as well.

Ever since this incident rumors have been flying stating that the snake suffered from silicon poisoning from the bite, but Fox has since claimed that the serpent came out alright and that she herself found the whole scenario ‘cute’. Well, we definitely have two different definitions of what cute would mean, but keep on keepin’ on lady!