She Uses Only TWO Ingredients To Clean Her Filthy Oven In Record Time…Seriously!

Baking is the go to method for many when it comes to cooking. Why? Because you just throw it in, simply wait, and an hour later you have a full meal! But constant baking means a constant buildup of grime! After a while your oven can look pretty disgusting. Matter of fact, it can get so nasty that it may look beyond the point of even being able to be cleaned! But indeed you can clean it and it’s actually pretty easy.

Here’s how to tackle that nasty looking oven and transform it to new:

1.Get some water and baking soda, and get ready to get to work. But no worries, it’s easy and 15-30 minutes later, your oven will look spectacular!


2. Take a quarter cup of baking soda and water, then create a paste. Now coat the walls of the oven. This includes also coating the glass and door.


3. Now you wait the 15-30 minutes. The paste should turn brown. After this time passes, wipe it down and like magic it will be totally clean again!


Pretty easy, right? Just scrub any remaining stubborn spots off, but overall your oven should be crystal clean! Share this wonderful cleaning tip with all of your friends and family!