She had sex with her daughter’s teenage boyfriend and her punishment comes with some great irony

Pedophilia is something that’s seen as a mental health issue if the person hasn’t acted on their impulses, but also one of the most despicable crimes if they have. Children are entirely innocent to the world around them and it’s the job of a parent to ensure they learn the truth of matters in small doses – aside from just keeping them safe. It’s that innocence that we have to strive to protect, otherwise it could completely destroy them for many years afterwards.



One mother from Alpharetta, Georgia managed to take something as simple as that and twisted it to meet her own twisted ends, and you’ll never believe the way in which she pulled it off. Her name is Kathy Tompa and she has a teenage daughter who, at the time, had a fifteen-year-old boyfriend. She took that opportunity to tell the young boy everything he should do to her daughter and when, until eventually it led to her actually vetting his sexual abilities herself.

Since December of 2015 she had been texting the young boy a whole list of inappropriate things. Heather Dunn, Forsyth County’s Assistant District Attorney had this to say to the judge:

“She was advising him on how to kiss her daughter, how to touch her daughter, when would be an appropriate time to touch her buttocks, what would be the appropriate time and manner to remove her shirt.”

Tompa even helped the boy hide the affair from his parents for a while before the truth came out, but now she’s got to face the music to the sounds of 15 years, along with the payments for the boy’s therapy as well as a fine, then to top it all off she has to register as a sex offender.

According to the boy’s mother, “She stole my son’s innocence. She stole his childhood. I’m angry with her and I’m angry with myself.”

It’s absolutely sickening to know that people are out there willing to take advantage of their own children in a way like this, but do you think the punishment fits the crime here or does something need to be reevaluated?