Put peppermint in your home and say goodbye to spiders, mice, and other unwanted pests

Peppermint is really amazing. It not only smells great but has a whole host of benefits, some of which you probably never knew about. Just by having a few peppermint plants around, you can prevent pests from hanging around. Plus your place will smell great, and peppermint is easy to care for, indoors or out.

There are two varieties when it comes to peppermint. The darker leaves and stronger scent is black peppermint. The lighter leaves and softer aroma is white peppermint. They both require a lot of water and good drainage, as well as some partial sunshine.

Here’s what peppermint can do:

1. Nature’s Natural Pest Repellent


No need for harsh chemicals to keep away the pests. A few potted peppermint plants can actually keep rodents away, as well as flies and ants!

Tip: You can make a peppermint spray by using 9 parts water and 1 part essential peppermint oil.

2. Keeping Your Pets Flea-Free


A few sprigs of peppermint can be put into a bag or pillow and then tucked under or beside your pet’s bed and certain types of fleas and bugs will be repelled and won’t end up latching onto your pet.

3. Keeping You and Your House Healthy


Your health can also benefit from peppermint. Herbal peppermint tea is great for upset stomachs, and for stuffy noses you can boil the leaves in water and breath in the mist, which will clear up your congestion!

Let us know in the comments about your own peppermint uses!