Neighbors Finally Figure Out Why Woman Was Putting Irish Spring Soap In Yard

While Irish Spring is a favorite soap for many to bathe with, it has another surprising use that some people are implementing in their backyards.

Apparently the strong smelling Irish scent keeps pests out of your garden! Yes, that means no more deer destroying your plants and eating up your veggies!

So what you do is basically cut up a bar of Irish Spring into pieces, then stuff these pieces in socks. Next, staple these to stakes.

Finally, you plant the stakes all throughout the garden, and this will keep away the critters. Additionally, you can scatter extra soap bits along the ground in the garden also.

A little side benefit, is that you have a fresh smelling garden that might make up for your smelly manure-laced soil!

Give this a try and see how it works for keeping pests out of your garden. Share this cool trick with friends and family as well!