Man has stroke after cops taser him while his hands are behind his back (VIDEO)

The police forces across the United States have a lot of work ahead of them if they ever want to gain back the trust of the average Joe, especially with more cases like the one 31-year-old Carlos Seals has filed against Richmond County for the actions of the cops there.

While in the Richmond County Jail for public intoxication, which, get this, apparently “public” means at home now because that’s where he was, you can clearly see in the video footage how he is facing the wall with both of his hand behind his back. This is fairly important to the story because what happens next is that the cops “protecting” the inmates decided to use tasers on him. Not taser as in just one, but a second officer pulled HIS taser and it became some crazy taser party with Seals as the target. The officers are Deputy Donnie Crawford and Deputy Christopher Alexis, who have both also been named in the lawsuit. The shock caused Seals to crumple, hitting his head on the concrete floor below. The shock on his body was so great it caused him to even suffer a seizure.

In the reports filed by the officers Seals was being uncooperative and combative, so it’s a lucky chance this video footage wasn’t “accidentally” lost or deleted before it made it’s way to the public, but hopefully with it Seals will be able to get some of the justice he deserves. Here’s the problem with that though, the lawsuit is currently only in the discover phase, and if the county decides to take it to trial that may not even come around until 2018, and with medical bills included Seals has racked up $20,000 in debt from this incident alone. So now, not only is the county faulting a man for drinking at home, they use tasers on him for cooperating and put him into debt, yet the only justice this man receives is more debt with less ways to pay for it.