If You Find A $100 Bill On Your Windshield, DON’T Grab It. It Could Result In Your Death. Here’s Why:

As the shopping spectacle known as Black Friday will be coming up before we know it, it’s important to remain vigilant and safe, as during this time of the year there are all kinds of scams going on.

Case in point is the latest thievery technique making it’s rounds on unsuspecting shoppers. A phony 100 buck bill is placed under a windshield wiper of a car. So then, the scam goes something like this: The shopper will get in their vehicle, start their car and then they will notice the bill. What will usually happen is the car owner will keep their car running, keep it in park, and get out of the car to retrieve the large bill. This presents the perfect window for the nearby carjacker to pop right in your car and bolt.

Now it’s one thing that your car and all your newly purchased belongings are gone. But if you have kids in the car, then you can imagine the horror.

You should never exit your car while it is running, and now you know if you see a supposed $100 bill, it’s more likely a con, than an act of kindness by some stranger. Lock your doors, get out of there and call the cops.

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