Hotel Guest Crawls Into Bed, Then Finds A Disturbing Note Tucked Between The Sheets

Part of a typical vacation usually involves staying at a hotel. They can be the ultimate getaway from all the clutter and chaos of your regular home. Everything is generally in order and clean and you don’t have to worry about anything but relaxing.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case. One Imgur user found out that the stress-free environment he thought he had checked into, turned out to be the complete opposite.

No, it wasn’t the outdoor noise or loud guests. The disturbance actually occurred when he snuggled into his bed and was all ready to get a good night sleep. Then he felt an odd piece of paper between the sheets.

Why would there be a piece of paper in his bed? Naturally he reached down for it and turned on the light to examine it. And then, he read the shocking note.

It turned out to be a letter from apparently another former guest of the hotel. It read the following:

“If you’re reading this, then housekeeping did not change your sheets!”


Whoa! Now that’s pretty nasty! Actually finding a note like this and then realizing you are sleeping in dirty sheets!

Turns out this guy was lucky that someone left the note as there are often many hidden health risks when you stay at hotels that you don’t realize, and they could lead to getting sick and actually developing health issues later on.

Some of these nasty issues include the following:

-Bed Bugs: They can reside in the carpets, the mattresses, and even in wooden furniture. They can easily be transported by guests, and you may even bring a bunch of them to your own home after your hotel visit.

-Hot Tubs: Breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It’s good if it’s chlorinated, but then there’s the whole piping system that needs cleaning and if not attended to lung and skin problems could occur.

-Ice Buckets: These actually double as vomit buckets for those guests who end up having too much to drink. So think about it. You are filling up your bucket that’s been vomited into, with ice you are going to use in your own mouth. Nasty. Housekeeping probably won’t bother disinfecting or cleaning an ice bucket that the vomiter just rinsed out with water and put back in place, making it appear to look clean or unused when actually remnants of puke remain inside it.

-Carpet: While vacuuming usually takes place, deep carpet cleaning usually doesn’t. Mold spores can easily develop and these are not visible to the human eye.


-Swimming Pool: Many will check into a hotel based on whether they have a swimming pool. It’s hard to know if the pool is regularly maintained, cleaned and chlorinated so you never know what you are literally jumping into. Plus, giardia and cryptosporidium are two types of bacteria that chlorine doesn’t kill.

-Buffets: Ah, the buffet! Another high selling point for hotels. They can also be red flags for germs and unfresh food as it’s hard to tell how long food has been sitting and how many guests have accidentally or not grazed their paws over the food you are about to scoop up and consume!

-Drinking Glasses: Same goes with drinking glasses as one sneeze can totally pollute the glasses in the area. And who knows how well the glasses are cleaned as hotels go through them so fast and need to put them out there quickly.

-Bathrooms: While you might think it’s the toilet or even the shower, it’s actually the faucet and counter that can be germ heaven. Does housekeeping use the same mop and sponge creating a cross-contamination situation? Who knows.

While frustrating to have to realize all these potential germy risks at hotels, they are important to note so you can take extra precautions by washing your hands and scrubbing down germ prone areas. Hopefully you will never have to find a note in your bed sheets like the guy above did!

Watch this video to learn how to check for bedbugs in your hotel room:

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