Hillary Rushed Off Stage, Camera Caught What She Tried To Hide In Tunnel

When the presidential debates ended, Hillary Clinton bolted off stage. Of course she first went through the standard motions – thanking the moderator, waving to supporters and so forth. But as soon as the window opened for her to bail, she did. Her handler rushed her off, down through a private tunnel and into her car. What Hillary didn’t know is that a surveillance camera was catching her every move. It even captured exactly what she was trying to hide.

The speculation had seemed to be that Hillary was all jacked up on meds, once again covering up her mystery illness. She stood stoically, yet forced, the awkward grin and the slow blinking of eyes, and then the quick whisk away where people are believing the meds were quickly wearing off after the long and at times very trying 90 minutes.


Through the special tunnel she went, straight to the medically equipped vehicle. All which she believed was private, yet security cams were indeed in place. And what they captured was a classic technique used by those who have Parkinson’s Disease. Secret Service were filmed using pointer lighters on the ground to guide Hillary. The same kind of pointer lights that Parkinson’s patients use for guidance.

Donald Trump went through the same tunnel, but one big difference was noted. No special lights were used to guide him along.

This seems to be even more mounting evidence that something is not right with Hillary’s health. Check out this video and see the side-by-side comparisons, and decide if indeed there is a cover-up going on in regards to hiding important health facts from the American public.