Ghastly surprise! Three hundred year old mummy suddenly opens its eyes

Mexico is filled with an excitement for that isn’t matched anywhere else in the world, and that’s partly from their rich cultural heritage. The second largest city in Mexico is Guadalajara, and in that city rests a cathedral that stands out against the bustling city traffic – the Catedral de la Asunción de María Santísima.

As if the allure of the past weren’t enough to grab your attention, inside of it are the remains of a now 300-year-old mummified little girl inside a coffin. Flowers and candles surround her final resting place in this dim-lit room at the end of a dark hallway. What no one expected, and definitely not the video-recording tourists, was for this mummified young girl to open here eyes to “blink” at her viewers!

Known as Santa Inocencia, there are two main rumors surrounding her origins: the first is that she was murdered by Roman Legionnaires during the rise of Christianity, but the other (and the one used by Guadalajaran historians) is much more tragic.

Legend has it the young girl’s name was Inocencia, and one day she overheard a few of her friends talking about receiving their first communion. Utterly fascinated with Christianity the young girl also wished to join her friends so she went home to tell her father like any child would, though her father didn’t take the news quite the way she wanted. He hit her, then forbade her from participating in “such nonsense.”

Even with her father’s beating her curiosity wasn’t yet satiated and decided to sit outside while the catechism classes were going on. One day a nun noticed her and invited her to join, a request Inocencia gladly took. Eventually she was to receive a white lace dress for the Eucharist, a time in her life she was too proud not to tell her father, who again didn’t take it quite the way she hoped. This time is wasn’t a simple beating however, this time he actually stabbed her, ultimately killing her. Realizing what he’d done her father fled, leaving her lifeless body in a heap on the floor. Luckily the neighbors managed to discover the body and took it to the cathedral, where she received her holy communion and was preserved in wax to prevent decomposition.

With a story like that it’s no wonder this particular legend has drawn some rumored paranormal activity, but this isn’t something that can just be passed off lightly. The body of a little girl absolutely drenched in wax managed to open its eyes, stare at the camera before closing them all from the security of her coffin, AND caught on camera. If it is a hoax it’s too well done to be the first thought to my head.

Does anyone have any clue as to what could explain this scientifically? A fluctuation in the cooling and heating of the wax, maybe? Share and discuss!