Deer Attacks Driver After She Accidentally Hits It On The Road

Anyone who drives those curvy country roads knows just how stupid some deer can be, but for those of you that don’t there are more than enough stories out there to serve as proof. You could be driving down a road, spot a couple deer a mile off and they’d still wait to cross until you got up closer towards them. It’s that level of stupidity that can turn out dangerous for us humans when we come in contact with them, especially with how resilient a deer is.

One woman learned the hard way why she shouldn’t have gotten out of her vehicle after hitting a deer on one of those roads late one evening the hard way. After crossing a railroad she ended up nailing one buck and sent it flying, but she apparently didn’t hit it nearly as hard as she thought she did, because after getting out to check on it the deer got up and charged right at her, forcing her back into her car!

Luckily that person drove up behind her, otherwise there’s no telling when that deer would have finally backed off and let her go, but by that time she could have been seriously injured or even killed.