Crazy: Woman quit job so she can breastfeed boyfriend every two hours

When you imagine showing your significant other that you love them you’ll probably be thinking of gifts, affectionate kisses and some passion in the bedroom, maybe a gentle embrace before parting ways for the day, but whether or not you could picture yourself doing what Jennifer Mulford or Brad Leeson do is a whole other story. This couple from Atlanta, Georgia have a very “special” way of showing each other affection, which has now ultimately bled over into the rest of their daily lives.

Brad is a professional bodybuilder, which means he’s always on the lookout for another way to make them gains. Jennifer was a bartender and has been a mother for the past 20 years, but hasn’t managed to find anyone else that fit for her since and didn’t have any further children. She eventually decided to search for a man who was into something she hadn’t experienced for as long as her daughter had stopped – breastfeeding.

When Jennifer met Brad it was like a match made in heaven; she wanted someone who wasn’t afraid to suckle at the teat and he found both a lover and protein shake dispenser all in one! The moment they met and talked everything over she knew that this was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and their relationship began.

Most medical professionals will tell you that once a baby stops feeding then the mother will stop lactating, but that there is also a way to artificially induce the phenomena. All she needed to do was to allow Brad to breastfeed every couple of hours and, over a little time, she would once again produce milk. Brad was all too happy to go along with this plan because for a bodybuilder such as himself that protein was invaluable.

In order to ensure she would continue to produce milk they have to breastfeed every two to three hours, a fact that Jennifer noticed her job was keeping her from doing. Eventually she decided to go all-in and quit the job entirely, all so she could feed her poor little baby. She’s no longer serving drinks, but she’s definitely still serving.

Regardless of how you feel about Brad and Jennifer’s, albeit weird, relationship it’s important to remember that what they do, they do behind closed doors. It’s entirely consensual and no one is being hurt, which is more than a lot of priests can say. These two are happy, so, different strokes for different folks.