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  • transformers

    Engineers Just Turned This Drivable BMW Into A Real-Life Transformer!

    Ever since the Transformers cartoon came out back in 1984 the imaginations of people across the globe have gone wild. What would it take to actually build one of these? Well back when the show first came out there was just no way to do it and make it look clean at the same time, […]

  • 400yearbattery

    Student Accidentally Creates Rechargeable Battery that Lasts 400 Years

    Every single person on this earth either has or will make a mistake at least once in their lifetime, but every blue moon or so some of those mistakes can end up leaving you in a better situation than when you started. Those are some fairly rare moments, but they are known to happen – […]

  • rccrash

    Giant Remote Controlled Jet Disintegrates In Spectacular Fashion

    When you decide to invest in an RC jet then you should probably consider take into account what you’re looking at can be lost in the matter of a single second for seemingly no reason whatsoever. It’s not some type of guarantee or anything like that, it’s just that sometimes the unpredictable occurs and the […]

  • socom

    Grandson of the M1 Garand, the M1A SOCOM 16 is the ultimate battle rifle

    While it is shorter than your regular M1A, this bad boy has been labeled “the ultimate battle rifle” and for good reason. It’s the 16″ M1A SOCOM 16, it’s chambered in .308 win, and it is a scout style rifle that takes pride in it’s reliability and functionality. You basically have all the top elements […]

  • oalarm

    Women Are Waking Up A With Bang With This ‘Orgasm Alarm Clock’

    With the advancement of technology and a more accepting attitude towards all things sexual there’s bound to be some innovations you never knew you wanted, and this is definitely one of those. Meet the Little Rooster Alarm Clock, a device which can be used by any woman to wake themselves up with the help of […]

  • ratbike

    You have to check out this redneck rat bike

    Nearly every average person could see themselves on a bike cruising around town or across nations at some point in their lives or another, but not all of them have the ingenuity or the engineering capabilities to build their own bike to do it. Those that do end up building their own bikes versus buying […]

  • potato

    Light Your Room For A Whole Month By Using A Potato! (Video)

    This is pretty amazing. They’ve known since the 19th century that putting zinc and copper electrodes into a potato could produce a current, but now with a simple twist, they are able to produce a light source which actually lasts for days or even weeks. They are believing this is going to benefit literally millions […]

  • machine

    Nobody Can Guess What This Crazy Machine Is Used For. See If You Can Figure It Out!

    There’s a large portion of people these days wishing they could go back to the classic days, like in the 1930’s when times were simpler and everything was more basic. There’s a reason we’ve continued to make things better and have reimagined many others since those times, and it’s most in part that our basic […]