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  • gunonclown

    Chicago “Gangster” Pulls Gun Out on Clown After Attempting to Scare Him

    It was only a matter of time before someone pulled a gun on a clown wondering the street. I know someone are getting scared and some of these clowns are taking it too far by chasing people, but people are forgetting that Halloween is coming up so they need to get over strangers wearing costumes. […]

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    It’s one thing for a single restaurant to be caught using questionable meat in their food, but when the FDA becomes worried that there is an estimated 300,000 pounds of fake rat meat being disguised as chicken wings, then you know things are truly scary. Not only are they saying that these are being sold […]

  • Ghastly surprise! Three hundred year old mummy suddenly opens its eyes

    Mexico is filled with an excitement for that isn’t matched anywhere else in the world, and that’s partly from their rich cultural heritage. The second largest city in Mexico is Guadalajara, and in that city rests a cathedral that stands out against the bustling city traffic – the Catedral de la Asunción de María Santísima. […]

  • snakebite

    Shocking Moment Snake Bites Glamour Model’s Fake Breast

    People have had their kinks for years and years now; if you look on the Roman brothel coins you can get some evidence there but there’s probably some cave painting somewhere depicting it from caveman times as well. Nowadays it’s more common to be accepting of these kinks than it used to be when comparing […]

  • ringonit

    Guy Puts Wedding Ring On His Junk, Instantly Regrets It

    There are certain mistakes in life that only one person has to make for the remainder of the population to learn a lesson, depending on how far the story spreads. Luckily the internet makes sharing stories incredibly simple and there’s one lesson that no other man should ever make in their lives – using their […]

  • deerattack

    Deer Attacks Driver After She Accidentally Hits It On The Road

    Anyone who drives those curvy country roads knows just how stupid some deer can be, but for those of you that don’t there are more than enough stories out there to serve as proof. You could be driving down a road, spot a couple deer a mile off and they’d still wait to cross until […]

  • anacondadont

    Feast your eyes on the largest anaconda you’ve ever seen

    There’s a reason the 1997 film Anaconda garnered as much attention as it did, besides the young J-Lo addition the fact that there’s a snake out there as large as the anaconda is terrifying to some people. Not that the film itself was exemplary, but something large enough to swallow a human whole isn’t something […]