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  • hillary-ftea

    Hillary Rushed Off Stage, Camera Caught What She Tried To Hide In Tunnel

    When the presidential debates ended, Hillary Clinton bolted off stage. Of course she first went through the standard motions – thanking the moderator, waving to supporters and so forth. But as soon as the window opened for her to bail, she did. Her handler rushed her off, down through a private tunnel and into her […]

  • Teen’s Selfie Prank Catches Pedophile

    People may be overly concerned with what others are into in the bedroom these days but there are still certain lines you should never cross as a human being. While those lines are different depending on who you talk to there’s something 99.99% of the population would agree with – kids are off-limits. Children are […]

  • yachtcrash

    Teenagers Wreck Millionaire Daddy’s Luxury Yacht

    Ever since the case of rich kid Ethan Couch where his lawyer used an ‘affluenza’ defense to explain his terrible behavior, the legal divide between the rich and the poor has become glaringly noticeable. There is some legitimate research which states rich kids are becoming increasingly more self destructive, but when inner city kids are […]

  • take-one-tablespoon-bed-will-never-wake-tired

    Take One Tablespoon Of This Before Bed And You Will Never Wake Up Tired Again!

    Not being able to sleep is a problem for a large number of people. Insomnia sets in and trying to fall asleep becomes a major struggle. Even worse is when people load up on meds to try to counter the insomnia, often causing even more problems. Sleep deprivation can end up leading to irritations, anxiety, […]