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  • goldd

    Gold Digger Gets Served. I’m Still Laughing!

    Women should be treated with respect. Same goes for men. But respect is a two way street. When you hustle someone offering yourself for money, respect goes out the window the moment you stopped respecting yourself. Prankster HammyTV wanted to teacher her a lesson, and what happens at the end is hilarious! Funniest video I’ve […]

  • gun-gauge

    New 12 Gauge Ammo Creates Holes Bigger than Your Fist. [WATCH]

    A buckshot for home defense should do the trick, but a hollow point slug would be ideal! Too bad a hollow point slug doesn’t exist, right? Wrong! Introducing OATH Ammunition’s new 12 gauge. It’s a 12 gauge round, metal cased, and it totally extends over 2 inches worth of damage. These will definitely be great […]

  • walmart

    This Is The Cake Walmart Workers Refused To Make For A Police Officer

    In McDonough, Georgia, workers at a Wal-Mart apparently refused to create a “Blue Lives Matter” cake. The cake was to be for a police officer’s retirement party. The workers felt it was “racist” and refused to make it. When local officer Taylor Wilkies wrote about this on Facebook, the story quickly went viral. Here’s what […]

  • dominos

    15,000 dominoes go down in hypnotizing fashion in triple spiral design

    It took eight days and 25 hours of very painstakingly, extremely delicate work, but the result is simply stunning. And totally mesmerizing! A total of 15,000 colored dominoes perform a triple spiral. This is definitely a domino drop you’ve never seen before. So cool, and to think that this girl did it all herself is […]

  • 6jljf-forever-country-lg

    Forever Country: Stars From Then And Now Sing A Beautiful Mashup Of Classic Songs

    Here’s an amazing, one of a kind, video performance featuring 30 award-winning country music artists. Whoever thought this up was a genius! Basically it’s a mashup of country classic, now performed by both older and newer stars. Here are the songs which are featured: Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You,” John Denver’s “Take Me […]