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  • diytoygun

    Use Simple Household Items To Make The Coolest Toy Gun Ever

    We’re always on the lookout for something new to do and there’s a bunch of fun inventions coming out that we’re never lacking in options, but this is definitely one you’ll want to try for yourself. YouTuber CrazyPT decided to release a video showing exactly how you or anyone else can create an awesome little […]

  • irish-spring

    Neighbors Finally Figure Out Why Woman Was Putting Irish Spring Soap In Yard

    While Irish Spring is a favorite soap for many to bathe with, it has another surprising use that some people are implementing in their backyards. Apparently the strong smelling Irish scent keeps pests out of your garden! Yes, that means no more deer destroying your plants and eating up your veggies! So what you do […]

  • wine-open

    How To Open A Bottle Of Wine With Nothing More Than A Key

    It’s happens to all of us wine drinkers at one point or another. You go to open up your wine, and wouldn’t you know, there is no wine opener in sight. You either lost it, broke it, or are somewhere where there are simply none around. Frustration sets in big time as your date is […]