Artist Turns Parents’ Home Into Haunted House Straight Out Of A Tim Burton Film

Imagine if your grown kid asked if they could decorate your house for Halloween? Sounds cute, right? A few ghosts, goblins, some pumpkins on the porch… Well, if you are the parents of Christine McConnell, then you are in for a bit more than the standard Halloween decor. Matter of fact Christine is a very talented artist who made her parents home into one of the most terrifying, Halloween-themed houses ever!

She basically used hand-painted foam board to create her wicked designs, then mounted them at various points on the house. Her eyes and teeth are totally intense and really transformed this home into a one of a kind Halloween decorated domain! To think she created all of this inexpensively with foam board, which is very light to work with, is really incredible. More about this artist can be found at

“I decorated my parents house for Halloween…”

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