A Store Owner Is Sick of Rude Customers. So He Put Up This Sign as Revenge.

If you’ve ever worked in any field where you have to deal directly with customers or other people then you’ll have a pretty good understanding at just how rude some folks can be. It all starts with dropping the common courtesies and eventually progresses into downright frustration and anger that you’ve entered their world for a moment. Keeping that in mind you’ve probably at least once considered how you would get your own payback if you could do it without losing your job or facing legal repercussions, but one store owner decided to actually enact his own form of revenge that’s absolutely on point.

A little coffee shop in Grandin Village put out a sign one day stating that their prices had changed for all customers, except now it depends more on HOW you order than what you order. For example, if you order a coffee with a hello, please and thank you you’ll end up paying $1.75, but if you just order the coffee you’ll be shilling out $5 in rudeness markup!

It’s sometimes tough to remember the people behind the counter have a story of their own when it already seems like it’s you against the world, but maybe this is the reminder we need from time to time.